Website Management Services

Ok, so now that your new website is designed, built, hosted and online, that should be it, right?
If you want your website to accurately portray your business, it should have periodic updates reflecting your business' growth, new products/services, favorible press or other notice to show returning viewers your business is on the move.
New photos can also reflect new clients and growth of B2B companies. This can be as simple as adding new/replacement photos to adding new pages as your business expands into other areas/products/services. Site management can also relate to ongoing analysis of traffic to find ways to show higher in searches in areas with many competitors.
Odds are more potential customers will learn about you online over any other type of marketing media. It's important to always keep your site up-to-date. I can perform updates on either an "As Needed" basis or for sites updated very frequently, a flat monthly management rate. Please ask for details

Additional Services Offered

Other types of Site Management Services Offered: